Send over your text


Once you contact us here, we'll talk briefly about your needs and then you can send us your documents or URL for us to review and give you a flat quote.  It's complicated for everyone to calculate by the word or the page, and the quality of the current text makes a difference. We take it all into account and give you a cost that won't change.

The First Draft


We will use Microsoft Word's Track Changes features so you can see our edits and comments. You can review and accept the changes that look good to you, and leave the rest, marked with comments, and send it back for another revision. If this is website text, we will copy it into Word and you can transfer the final text back onto your site.

The Final Draft

A flat price means we cannot produce endless revisions. After this second revision, unless there are minor tweaks (that we'll happily make), we'll send you the final text, together with an invoice to be paid either via direct bank transfer or check.



We offer two levels of English polish:

"English Teacher": We will review your existing text and make technical corrections, making sure that the spelling, punctuation and grammar are all correct.



"Marketing Guru": In addition to the Clean English work, we will also actively contribute solid Market-speak: powerful, focused and creative phrases, throughout your site or document. 


Need more than that? Visit our RapidFire Consulting site to see how we can create original content for you.

The Process? Easy as 1-2-3...

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