Polish My English is a team of full-time, part-time and freelance marketing veterans, managed by Jay Bailey, CEO of RapidFire Consulting, previous Director of Marketing and Communications for Answers.com, columnist, blogger, lecturer, and all-around Word Geek.


Yael Adler, Vice President of Content Operations, brings to RapidFire Consulting almost 20 years of expertise in writing, editing, communications planning and messaging, website and database development, data management and project management. A veteran of both marketing and internal communications departments in U.S professional and financial services firms, Yael most recently was Director of Communications and Operations, as well as Data Manager, at an educational non-profit organization based in New York.

We're American-born, Israel-based marketing professionals who are fanatic about cleaning up the websites, signs, menus and marketing materials created in the Startup Nation, so they read as if written by native English speakers. Yes, our Hebrew is fluent, but we're not translators...we just want to take passable English and make it shine!  

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Because "good enough"... isn't.